First of all, all gutters with a guard system will need to be cleaned sooner or later. Thousands of gutter cleanings have given us this fact. Tree debris breaks down and eventually finds its way into your gutter. One handful of debris can clog your downspouts and cause backups. But it is better to clean your gutters every 5-7 years than 1-4 times a year.

Why do you want your gutters working properly?


we need it to sustain life but the damaging effects it does to a home is amazing.

Ice Dams

These can cause the water to back up under your roof and run down your interior walls. It is very difficult to escape this problem without major damage to your home.

Overflowing Gutters

The excess water can run over your gutters and run down your siding. Sooner or later, wood rot will set in and cause openings into your home

Flooded Basements

This again is caused by overflowing water from your gutters. The excess water saturates the foundation area of your basement. Sooner or later the water will find its way into your basement causing lots of unwanted damage and headaches.


With water comes mold. Unless the issue is dealt with promptly, mold will start to grow and lead to more damaging issues including the health of your family.

Bonus Issues

Mosquitos love the warm stagnant water of your clogged water-filled gutters. It is an ideal breeding ground for its larva. Besides the obvious dislike people have for them, mosquitos are carriers or terrible diseases.

Are gutter guards really worth the money for installation on your home?

Every home is different with different variables involved, including:

-The type of trees you have (pine, oak, walnute, etc.)
-The location of your home in respect to most of your trees
-The issues with water damage

Elite Building Services has cleaned thousands of homes with every type of gutter guard available. We recognized problem areas homes can get and offer an honest evaluation of whether gutter guards are the right choice. We offer a couple of options of gutter guards depending on each individual’s home needs.

Option 1

Gutter-Care II -It is a unique, nonabsorbent, porous material that fills your gutter so debris cannot get in. It is the highest quality of “foam” type gutter guards available. It comes with a UV stabilizer for sun protection and offers a 25-year guarantee. Here is the website for more information on the product.

Option 2

Small hole speed screen- It is an aluminum gutter screen system that will keep most debris out of your gutters. The nice feature about these screens is that the small dirt of shingle debris that will eventually get in the gutter can be rinsed out easily. With helmet or foam systems, it is much more difficult to have rinsed.